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Created in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the inspiration for the Made for More Project came to founder Jeannie Martin while hosting a kids’ Halloween Carnival to support local small businesses. Originally, she was only expecting a few hundred kids to come but when thousands showed up, she saw it as a community hungry for more.


"Several of the children that showed up were not in costumes because their families couldn't afford one. They had come because they could participate in crafts and games for free. It reminded me of the many experiences I missed out on as a kid because our family was poor. While I'm so grateful for those experiences because they molded me into who I am today, it makes me wonder had my siblings and I had the same experiences as our peers if it would have shaped our lives differently."


That spark ignited the fuel to start the Made for More Project. What would the impact be if vulnerable children in our community could be included in clubs and activities that empower creativity, build confidence, and encourage positive engagement despite their social or financial situation? We believe this impact can positively shape our children’s lives and future while creating a ripple effect for generations to come.

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