10 Easy STEAM-powered Activities Any Family Can Do!

So you're all exciting to incorporate STEAM activities into your kid's learning, but where to get started? The good thing is you can find a wide array of STEM and STEAM activities for all ages all over the internet (that's what the internet is for right, ask and it shall provide). But you don't have too because we've made it easy on you; we've compiled 10 simple yet fun STEAM activities to get your family started.

SCIENCE: Science can be taught with so many supplies right from your own home. And it's all about experimenting and more experimenting. Take your kids more in depth by having them track changes they see as they go through the experiment.

Making it Rain, Rain Cloud in a Jar / I Can Teach My Child

The Seeds We Eat / Teach Beside Me

TECHNOLOGY: There a ton of apps out there to make learning technology fun but what about doing things that are technical but without the use of all that (can't get away from even if I tried) technology. Sometimes it's fun just teaching kids "old-school" before tablets and smartphones, yep I said it no tablets or smartphones.

If Then Coding Game for Kids / Left Brain Craft Brain

How to Build a Circuit Flower / Steam Powered Family

ENGINEERING: Kids can learn how to become engineers (the science of designing and building machines, structures, and engines) even at a young age. And we have an activity that is both fun learning but even more fun cleaning up! Plus, a great activity for when your kids need a little cool down!

Structural Building with Marshmallows / Community Resources for Science

Build a Lego Water Wheel / Frugal Fun 4 Boys

ART: Let kids use their creativity when making these fun art projects.

Sharpie Painting / Elise Engh Studios

Botanical Sun Catchers / The Kindergarten Connection

MATH: Who says Math can't be fun?! Help your kids learn addition with this creative, hands-on learning method. You can use any construction block sets, they do not have to be lego brand. Just make sure you have blocks of different colors.

Lego Addition / Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Monster Math / Adventure in a Box

Now that you have a few ideas to help your family get started with STEAM activities maybe set a couple of days this month where the family can come together for some STEAM-powered fun. Or if you homeschool, these activities can easily be incorporated into your weekly curriculum for some additional fun learning. And remember STEAM activities do teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math but it can be so much fun that your kids may not even know they are learning!

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