6 Valentine's STEAM Activities that will Melt any Heart!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be wondering about fun activities you can do with your loved ones! While there are a variety of love languages that children respond to, a majority of youngsters thrive on time spent together. These activities will create just the right environment to ensure that everyone has an incredible time together while promoting a culture of love.

What would Valentine’s Day be without sweets?! Get your dose of sugar and make a fun and unique building using only two supplies: heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks. For added fun, you can use regular large marshmallows, scissors, and food dye to make them different colors and shapes. Let your child be creative and build while snacking on a few being the ultimate bonus.

While tie-dye is incredibly fun for the kiddo, the mess is usually not mama’s favorite part. Try this less messy substitute for tie-dye using tissue paper and a paper heart (either paper or a paper plate cut in the shape of a heart). Have your child cut out pieces of different colored tissue paper, place them on the heart and then place water droplets over the tissue paper. Once it’s all dry, peel off the tissue paper and you’ll be left with a beautiful work of art!

Bubbles are always a huge hit with kids, but have you ever made your own bubble solution? Check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqv0MbNhuX4 on how to make it, and then have a great time making small, medium, and HUGE bubbles with your preferred wands!

What are some things you love the most? Write them down on a piece of paper and then work together to look through magazines, the newspaper, or even old books to find pictures of those words. Create a keepsake heart to put your treasures in with just 2 pieces of paper, a hole punch, and string!

Another fun activity for your little one to do is marble painting! Fill up little cups with a small amount of paint, place a marble in each cup. Then let them roll the marbles over their heart for a masterpiece work of art! Try having them roll the marbles to spell different words or their name for added difficulty.

Are your kids obsessed with magnets like mine is? Try making a magnet activity table and you will be set for hours of fun! Cut one side open in an old box and put the open side toward the person. Cut out shapes (for Valentine’s Day hearts work great) and attach a paperclip to the face-down side. You now have an activity table! There are various uses for this to include sorting (cut out multiple colors or shapes to attach the paperclips to and use the magnet to move them into groups), counting and number recognition (Cut out papers with numbers on them and have the child move the appropriate number of shapes to that number), or make an obstacle course that your child can make the shapes go through.

We hope that you will have a blast crafting and experimenting together this Valentine’s Day! Share with us how your projects turn out, we would love to hear from you!


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